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The Canyons 50k will start and finish in downtown Auburn, from Robie point to Driver’s Flat and return along the Foresthill Divide Loop with a fast-rolling course that will capture the spirit and origins of trail running in the Sierras.

Race Category


Running Stones


Finals Access


49.8 KM

Elevation Gain

1706 M+

Start Date

Saturday 26th April 2025

Race Start

Downtown Auburn - 06:00

Max Allowed Race Time

10 Hours



Course Description

Course Description

Feel the energy and crowds of Auburn CA while you follow the Canyons of the American River from Robie Point to Driver’s Flat and back. Jump on the Western States Trail at Robie point, cross over the historic No Hands Bridge and up the Clementine trail where you take the Foresthill Divide Loop up to Drivers Flat. Start your descent to Mammoth Bar and the Confluence Trail and climb back to Auburn. Steep climbs and fast descents on some of the best single-track the area has to offer. Beautiful views and wildflowers along the way will greet you until you reach the Endurance Capital of the World™ and a finish line sure to make you smile.

*Course maps subject to change. Additional cut-off times, medical information, and aid station details will be added approximately 5 months before race day.

Mandatory Gear

  • Minimum water supply: 1 liter of hydration capacity
  • Reusable cup

Recommended Gear

  • Running pack to carry recommended gear throughout the race.
  • Mobile/Cell phone (smartphone strongly recommended)
  • Additional Nutrition recommendation: 800 kcal (2 gels + 2 energy bars)
  • Jacket with hood for bad weather in the mountains/course terrain.
  • ID –passport/ID card
  • Hat

Aid Station Chart

Learn more about each Aid Station, elevation gain and loss, cut-off times, and where drop bags and crew are allowed on course.

Aid Station Chart